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Mud Tug Challenge


You are cordially invited to compete against other agencies in the 3rd Annual “MUD TUG CHALLENGE” being held this year at the Archuleta County Fair.


This will be a fun filled event where you can put your strength and team playing to the test.  The winners of the Mud Tug will have bragging rights for a full year and get to hold on to the Mud Tug championship trophy until the next challenge.


So put your Team together and lets show our community how First Responders like to contribute to the County Fair and have some good ol’ down home, dirty fun!



WHO :  Local Agencies


WHEN :  Saturday, August 1

WHERE :  Archuleta County Fair Grounds

HOW :  Hold on and Pulllllllllllll!

TIME :  11:00 AM


What you need to do: 

Put together a Team of 8 people affiliated with your agency.  No ringers are allowed from Jumbo’s Tug-Of-War Circuit!

You can have Reserves, Volunteers, Secretaries, Janitors and Bosses on your team but only from your agency.

Teams need to have a mix of males and females.

Hydrate 48 hours prior to the TUG.

Wear proper shoes. NO open toed shoes.

All prescription glasses, sunglasses, contacts, rings, hats and clothing must be secured.

Bring a change of clothes just in case your team lets the other team win.

A towel for drying off after the complimentary Pagosa Fire Department shower.

…and by all means bring a smile and the willingness to mix it up with the other agencies and have some fun!


The rules will be sent to the leader of your team once it is determined who will represent your agency.  We will briefly go over the rules just prior to the Tug.


Tug at your own risk…the PFPD cannot be held liable for injuries sustained in the Mud Tug.


Please contact Kelly at for more information and to confirm your entry.



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