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Archuleta County Fair celebrates its 73rd year in 2024.


Planning for the 2024 Archuleta County Fair has begun. We look forward to seeing our community at this year’s Fair Thursday through Sunday, August 1st through 4th. The mission of the Archuleta County Fair is to unite the community and preserve our history while embracing growth. We will support this by building memories, encouraging community involvement, creating learning opportunities, and providing entertainment. We believe in developing and fostering healthy competition for all Archuleta County 4-H, FFA, and Open-Class exhibitors of the Archuleta County Fair.

The Fair symbolizes the way of life for the residents of Archuleta County. Ranching families are the original lifeblood of this region. They grow hay, run cattle, breed and train horses, grow their own vegetables, raise chickens, sheep, and goats, and care for their beloved working dogs. Pride is shown by honing their baking, quilting, food preservation, and fine arts skills.  The townspeople have enriched the area culturally, ensured better education, developed tourism, and encouraged economic growth. The Fair is a unique opportunity to unite our community.


When you support the Fair, you help impart traditional values by teaching our youth self-reliance, self-respect, and instilling in them the desire and honor of caring for the land and the animals that keep our families fed and healthy.


The Fair Board strives to provide an enjoyable experience for our entire community and its visitors ranging from 4-H livestock events to rodeos, displays from educational organizations and non-profit groups to creative exhibits, bands, dances, games for adults and children, and more. We need support from you to continue year-after-year and bring in quality entertainers from the local area, from within Colorado, and from other States. Sponsorship from businesses and interested individuals makes all of this happen.

We hope you are willing to be a part of the 73rd Archuleta County Fair! Partner with us to ensure that a successful event is brought to the Town and County. Donations can easily be made using your credit card from this website. Click on the Donate link on the menu above and select Credit Card Payments.

If you wish to discuss other methods of helping continue the “Timeless Tradition” of the Fair or have questions about any facet of the Fair, please contact the Fair Coordinator by phone at 970-264-8424 or by email at

With sincere appreciation,

Your Archuleta County Fair Board

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