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The Archuleta County Fair is celebrating its 73rd year in 2024.  

The mission of the Archuleta County Fair is to unite the community and preserve our history while embracing growth. We will support this by building memories, encouraging community involvement, creating learning opportunities, and providing entertainment.  We believe in developing and fostering healthy competition for all Archuleta County 4-H, FFA, and Open-Class exhibitors of the Archuleta County Fair.


The Fair represents the way of life for the citizens of Archuleta County. The ranching families are the original lifeblood of this region: they grow hay, run cattle, breed and train horses, grow their own vegetables, raise chickens, sheep, and goats, and care for their beloved working dogs. They take pride in the education of honing their baking, quilting, food preserving, and fine arts skills.  The townspeople have enriched the area culturally, ensured better education, developed tourism, and encouraged economic development. The Fair is truly a time to unite our community. 

When you support the Fair, you're supporting the families of Archuleta County.  You're helping to continue the traditional values of teaching children self-reliance, self-respect, and instilling the honor of learning to care for the land and the animals that keep our families fed and healthy. 
The Fair needs your support to continue year-to-year.  Follow the donation link at the top of the page or contact the Fair Coordinator via email at to make your pledge/donation or to discuss the best method of helping continue this important tradition.

Thank you,

The Fair Board

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